Accidents outside the territory of the SR

What should you do if someone caused you a damage within the territory of the Slovak Republic?

1. Ask the party at fault to give you the following details (please validate the data using the guilty party’s documents):

  • first name, family name and permanent address,
  • business name and registered business address of the employer, provided that the damage was caused while the party at fault was carrying out their work,
  • first name, family name and permanent address or business name and registered business address of the motor vehicle holder,
  • business name and registered business address of the insurer that underwrote MTPL insurance, insurance policy number,
  • registration number or licence plate number of the motor vehicle and international designation of the country in which the motor vehicle that caused damage is registered,
  • green card number or frontier insurance policy number of the motor vehicle of the party at fault if that vehicle is a foreign one (you may also want to obtain photocopies of those documents).

2. Please, complete together with the other parties involved in the road accident, a Notice of accident form (available from insurers on completion of coverage formalities). If you do not have the form, please try and draw up a written report listing all basic identification data concerning the accident (date, time and venue) with the other parties involved in the accident participants and their motor vehicles, witnesses to the accident and all injured parties and give a detailed account of the circumstances of the accident and the damage (scope and amounts) sustained by each participant. Please, remember to include a drawing or a layout of the accident venue, photographs etc..

3.Unless you agree in writing with the other parties involved in the road traffic accident as to who is the party at fault, we recommend that you report each accident to a Police Force unit. However, if the accident entails the death of a person or a bodily injury or if an implicated vehicle including transported assets or any other property sustains damage manifestly in excess of SKK 60,800, under the law you are obliged to promptly report such a traffic accident to a Police Force unit.

4. If the traffic accident is being investigated by a Police Force unit, do not sign the police report unless you agree with its wording. If you disagree, make sure that your reservations will be reflected in the report.

5. Please, present your claim for compensation, enclosing documents corroborating the liability of the driver or holder of the motor vehicle to: The claims representative appointed in your country by the insurer of the vehicle that caused the accident in case the accident was caused by the motor vehicle normally based in a Member State of the European Economic Area (EEA) and insured by insurance company of the EEA Member State.
The insurer of the vehicle, which caused the accident, in case this vehicle is insured by insurer and normally based in a Non-member State of EEA or to the Slovak Insurers Bureau if compensation is to be paid out of the Insurance Guarantee Fund.

Important contacts

You can find a claims representative in the section "Search for a claims representative", or by phone or email inquiry in the Slovak Insurance Office.


If the claims representative of the claimant's foreign insurer is not known, the injured party contacts the designated insurer that week inspection is carried out according to the schedule:




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